OPEN SPACE is the solution of the continuous evolution of our company
in the internal designing and in the search of using to the bestm the spaces
of our house reducing the encumbrance of the doors. OPEN SPACE the new
counterframe for foldaway sliding doors entirely in galvanized steel, has
been conceived for being inserted in any wall to be realized or already 
existing. Nowadays OPEN SPACE is a leader trademark in the market in
which it operates; it is a point of reference in the field of foldaway sliding
doors. The counterframe has an easy and quick assemblage through
autothreading screws, it is constituted by two panels in plate galvanized of
8/10 thick with vertical ribs, on which two panels of galvanized metallic net
are hooked with mesh of 2.5 x 5 cm, allowing a good resistance of the 
plaster. The track in alluminium and the carts with 4 wheels in synthetic
material allow a silent slide of the door inside the counterframe and they
are of easy extraction in case of substitution. All the materials are
guaranteed in time and don't need a particular maintenance. To facilitate
the rapid assemblage, the counterframe is delivered already assembled.
OPEN SPACE is guaranteed 15 years.